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Every time you use one of these sites, you're using Linux

Date/Time Permalink: 07/12/07 08:23:21 am
Category: LINKS and Lists

The link in the title gives an interesting who's-who of the biggest social networking sites and what they run. Not many surprises here - could you take a look at a page rendered in ASP, look at MySpace, and not conclude that it ran on Windows?

Here again is another area where we could focus on real Linux advocacy. The commenters to that article express regret that the big sites don't contribute back to the FOSS community, but sew buttons on teddy bears - I'd be happy if they just gave us a little nod!

How much easier would spreading GNU/Linux awareness be, if the likes of web giants like Digg, Reddit, Twitter,, and YouTube put a simple icon on every page: "Powered by Linux", "Brought to you by GNU", "Support our software, donate to FSF". Here we have Microsoft ads plastered all over the place, Microsoft shills trolling every comment thread - all hosted on a LAMP server.

It wouldn't be too much to ask, to not make it so you have to check with NetCraft.

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