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Elive CD 0.4 - a Scenic Tour

Date/Time Permalink: 04/08/06 05:56:26 pm
Category: Reviews

Elive screenshot 1

Elive screenshot 2

Elive screenshot 3

Elive screenshot 4

Elive screenshot 5

The other day, I was watching one of those eternal flame wars on some geek site or another over which desktop environment was better. KDE, blah blah blah, Gnome, blah blah blah, and then somebody went window managers whatta bout Fluxbox, blah blah blah. I decided to settle it once and for all and got on the phone:

*ring* *ring*
"Hello, you've reached Heaven."
"Oh, God!"
"God, I was curious: What desktop do You run on YOUR computer?"
"Enlightenment, of course. What, did you think I was a lamer?" *click*

'Nuff said.

I'm not doing the review yet. That's next post. I'm still surfing the eye-candy for the new release of Elive-0.4. We'll just crank out a few screenshots and let the visuals speak for themselves. We're only taking it slow and playing with E16 desktop today. No need to rush! That way, when I'm settled down to a serious review, I won't be distracted by the scenery so much that all I can do is dry-mouthedly point with trembling fingers.

By the way, to install new themes: download the tarball, open a terminal, "su" to root, "cd" to /usr/share/e16/themes/, make a directory there (just to be on the safe side; some themers have sense to put all the files in a folder and some don't.), move the tarball down into that directory, cd down into it yourself, "tar -xzf" it and bail. Now from your desktop menu, *middle-click* and point to the themes directory; whatever the name of the folder you created, that's the name the theme will appear under.

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