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Digg.com Finally Gets 10K Hits!

Date/Time Permalink: 12/05/07 01:40:50 pm
Category: Humor

I just happened to be searching on an unrelated topic with adblock off when I saw this, and thought it worthy of a screenshot and blog-ripping:

I was the ten thousandth visitor to Digg

Yes, it's the same dorky "You've won a prize for being the Xth visitor" ad banner that flashes and annoys on the spammiest of sites. What's special about it is that it was on Digg.com. Apparently, I was the 10,000th visitor to Digg.com on 12/5/07. No joke.

For those of you not in the know, I think Digg has gotten just a teeny bit more traffic than that. Like, per hour.

But far be it from me to question the word of ad.interclick.com, so let me take this time to congratulate Kevin Rose on the day of breaking this milestone number of page visits. And, to help him along in his struggle to break out of the ranks of the web ghetto and become a more popular site, here's a free link.

No, don't mention it. It's the least a big-time site like mine can do to help the little guy.

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