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Defective by Design

Date/Time Permalink: 05/25/06 07:57:55 pm
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You know I couldn't let this pass without comment, right? No, people who dress up like mustard bottles and pose for solemn photos in front of Capitalism-Cathedrals get my attention every time.

So, "Defective by Design" is the group based at defectivebydesign.org who stormed a Microsoft love-in recently to protest... this is the disappointing part... *JUST* DRM. I'm disappointed because DRM is just a tiny little wart of a symptom on the disease that is all proprietary software. The bigger issue is anything that uses financial clout to bully anybody out of any liberty. That includes the hijacking of our government by the Diebold voting machines. Seeing the sorry state technological freedom is in right now and complaining about DRM is like being a prisoner in Abu Ghriab and your sole complaint is that HBO comes in fuzzy on the telly.

Don't get me wrong, I think DRM is evil like everybody else does. I think it should stop right now. I think the people who came up with it should be spanked and put to bed without any supper. But the worse lament is that our society is so ill that DRM has come to be in the first place.

Anyway, I'm linking to their site and helping spread their word because, well, yeah, we need to ditch "digital rights management" which is also known as "corporations right to steal from you". And the sooner we send more people-power to this band of costumed crusaders, the sooner we can start cleaning up the rest of this cesspool.

UPDATE: And lo, by the prophecy of Penguin Pete, did it come to pass: For about a year now, while all about me wrung their hands over DRM, I was calmly asserting that while the concept is evil, it would never fly. I always, I pointed out, can resort to a soldering iron. This story via Boing-Boing demonstrates just how DRM fares in the Real World: as badly as every other hardware-crippling scheme since the dawn of the computer age.

So, how about we stick with the plain old system we've had in place for THE PAST CENTURY, which enabled singers and artists to make plenty of money if they were really any good in the first place?

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