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Creating Flash Animations on Linux - part 7

Date/Time Permalink: 05/13/07 01:41:26 am
Category: Flash

Matrix Flash animation in action

Pretty slack today - no interaction with this, just wanted to do my own Matrix-style logo. Be patient; it takes a while to load.

But it was quick and simple to do. Just use the xscreensaver Matrix plugin to generate a few screens of scrolling green random text, paste it into a long Gimp bitmap, have Gimp set the transparency to 50%, use Filter->Map->Make_Seamless (which didn't exactly make it smooth!), use Layers->Colors->Hue_Saturation to make the green more saturated so it stands out from the black background.

In the Flash script, you load this up so that the bottom edge of the bitmap is touching the bottom edge of the frame, then use tweening to have it scroll the bitmap down. The rest is just scripted text effects.

.flash bbox=550x100 fps=50

  .png matrix "../icon_image/matrix2.png"
  .box matrix_box width=651 height=980 fill=matrix line=0
  .font myfont "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/virgo.ttf"
  .gradient textshade:
    0% gray
    50% white
    100% black
  .textshape logo font=myfont text="Penguin Pete\'s"
  .filled fill_logo outline=logo fill=textshade line=1
  .put fill_logo pin=center x=275 y=50 scale=75%

  .frame 1
    .put matrix_box x=0 y=-880
  .frame 100
    .change matrix_box x=0 y=0


Nothing at all to it! Of course, I could make this look a lot better - this was slapped together in ten minutes for your educational value! Also as a test of scrolling bitmaps - I might try the same trick if I do my idea for a slot machine!

As always, compiled with swfc from the nifty SWFTools collection.

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