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Comments Temporarily Shut Off While I Solve The Spam Problem

Date/Time Permalink: 06/27/11 11:36:04 am
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As much as I dearly love hearing from all of you out there (even if you're just telling me to get stuffed), I'm going to have to turn off comments for an indefinite period of time.

Comment spam has become more and more of a problem over the years, to the point where I sit down every morning to delete the spam over coffee. Lately I'm running out of coffee before running out of spam. Recently this last week, I've been hit by a Russian botnet, one of those relentless Terminator-style ones apparently powered by Hal9000 and a nuclear reactor. They blow right through the CAPTCHA like it wasn't even there.

I'm going to try one or more of the following methods to solve this:

  • Come up with a new kind of CAPTCHA. Yeah, right, like that'll help.
  • Go to moderator-approved comments. Almost just as much hassle.
  • Go to registering to comment. I like this for some of you regular visitors anyway, because now you could own your own screen name.
  • Switch to a completely different blog software. Five years ago, I saw Wordpress and B2Evolution and shrugged 'eenie meenie miney moe.' Five years later, I am aware that I am riding a dead horse while the world has gone on with Wordpress, everybody raving about how great it is. My stupid.

Whatever it is, it will be a lot of work, either to code my own solution or find the right one to install.

Anyway, just sit tight out there, I might get this solved by the end of next month...

Hey, in the meantime, you can always talk to me or about me on Twitter!

My email still works, it's on my profile.

The chat room on the webcomic is still there.

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