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Calling Gates and Ballmer to the stand!

Date/Time Permalink: 11/04/06 06:56:16 am
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Here in my beloved home state of Iowa, we have our own little suit against Microsoft going for anti-trust. I mentioned it the day I got the letter. As of yesterday, Bill and Steve will now be summoned to appear in the Iowa court to testify for the defense.

So I'm wishing the class-action plaintiff's attorney Roxanne Conlin the best of luck in court. To get a look at her site, she looks like she could wrangle a victory out of the two most notorious business criminals in human history without mussing her hair. Go get 'em Roxanne, you champion for the public cause you!

Can you tell I'm a computer person and not a court person? I sound ridiculous when I comment on anything going on in a courtroom...

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