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Blog-Roll Shuffling

Date/Time Permalink: 04/16/07 01:07:18 am
Category: Site News

Anybody with a link to their site in my sidebar (the section called "other geeky blog sites you might like") who has noticed that the links changed, don't panic. Nobody's getting spanked, here. All I've done is pruned out a couple sites that have died, and then shook the rest around in a different order here and there, just to keep the pile fresh. The list order has no bearing on how good you are. Just wanted to look at them in a different order for awhile.

My two criteria for being on the blog roll: You have to have a live active site, and have to have something I can justifiably call "geeky", being focused on computer technology and preferably FOSS-friendly. Some of you who might wonder why you post comments with your link a lot and yet still I don't blog-roll you, well, you have a great site, but not something that meets the criteria.

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