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Blender released; flames begin

Date/Time Permalink: 07/15/06 06:11:05 pm
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Blender 2.42 has been released. Normally, I don't pass straight news along, but just this once, I felt there could be one site linking to it where 100 howling dung-flinging monkeys don't gather round to denounce it. Except that's an insult to monkeys, who are far more intelligent than this.

All across the Internet, from site to site, the wailing band swells. The complaint, you see, is that Blender is "too hard to use". These flames start wherever the most powerful Open-Source applications are found. It's not Windows Paintbrush; therefore it is too hard to use.

Now, I've been geeking for 36 years, and I'll be the first to admit that Blender is the single-most complicated program I've ever seen. I've been using it for a couple of years now, and still don't understand half of it. But even using half of Blender produces results more powerful than the next mesh-editing program down the line.

I've said it all before on this issue. But let me take a few more examples:

Being a doctor is more difficult than working as a janitor BECAUSE DOCTORS SAVE LIVES.

Reading Shakespeare's Tempest is more difficult than looking at pictures BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE LITERATE.

Being clean is more difficult than being stoned on dope all the time BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO FACE REALITY.

Being president is more difficult than being a homeless bum BECAUSE PRESIDENTS HAVE A LOT OF RESPONSIBILITY.

Blender is more difficult to operate than Windows Paintbrush BECAUSE YOU CAN'T MAKE A MOVIE WITH PAINTBRUSH.

We need to start regulating computers. Licensed operators only. And Donald Norman and David Platt should be taken out and shot.

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