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Blatant Plagarism of Sniglets via Netscape

Date/Time Permalink: 12/23/06 03:53:01 pm
Category: LINKS and Lists

The Netscape link.

The offending site.

Rich Hall, the original author of 'Sniglets', should be credited.

And no thanks, Netscape, I don't prefer to hand personal data over to your crack-smokin' sysadmins in order to sign up with a membership for the privilege of pointing it out. Especially when you can't use a dodgeit email address and Bugmenot logins get killed on first use. This is why we allow anonymous comment posting in polite society. Any site which is """free""" and yet disables all three of our God-given rights to anonymous posting, Bugmenot logins, and dodgeit email drops is nothing but a spam-farm!

I can well imagine that Netscape is desperate to get more members what with the competition from Digg and all, but knowingly posting stolen content to incite people to sign up in order to point it out is a new low.

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