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Before Somebody Else Mentions It - "Story of Linux" Video For Linux's 20th Anniversary

Date/Time Permalink: 04/07/11 12:15:44 pm
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The actual anniversary isn't until August of this year, but heck, making noise about Linux throughout spring and summer doesn't sound like a bad idea. So the Linux Foundation made this nifty little dry-erase animation...

Cute! I like how the "these radical ideas" part is represented by an '80s punk with mohawk, goatee, and "rad" piercings surrounded by cans (beer? Red Bull? Generic food from the set of Repo Man?). Alright, which one of you found my high school year-book photo?

Annoying Ideas I Have About Linux's 20th Anniversary:

  1. That's 20 years of Microsoft trying to kill us, and we're still here. NYYAAAAAAH!!! penguin going nyah
  2. Heck, by the time Microsoft was 20, it had Windows 95. Now do you all see why I say that Linux trumps Windows usability?
  3. Good to see the Linux Foundation has a new member with a bit of audacity. Linux has suffered the same problem that the Democrat party in the USA has had: All of the compassion and good ideas, but constantly stuck apologizing for existing. Good ahead, Zemlin, shoot off you big bazoo and don't stop!
  4. This blog is now exactly one-fourth of Linux's age. (maybe not so annoying)
  5. Linux has, and always will, belonged to the world, not to the US. Eventually the US will have the same position towards Linux that it has towards the metric system.
  6. I'm pretty sure that Tea Baggers hate Linux with a passion.
  7. Microsoft will eventually release its own Linux distro. It'll be the Microsoft interpretation of the idea and be botched up like topsy (see Oracle), but it will be a Microsoft-produced Linux distro.

Isn't that last bold prediction a hoot? Never mind arguing with me about it. I'm either right or wrong, history will prove out. No, I don't know how I know. It came to me as a vision this morning in a bowl of cornflakes.

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