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Attention programming language designers: only 21 letters left

Date/Time Permalink: 10/02/06 12:04:04 am
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We all know about the C programming language, which was going to be B but they changed it. We can only guess that the "A" language was "assembly". And the C language ended right there; I refuse to believe in C++, C#, objective C, C99, C_with_shallots-in-a-white-wine-sauce, etc. Mass hallucination.

Anyway, I was quite surprised to hear about D. I mean *look* at that link, they have a syntax for it and everything! To paraphrase Norman Juster, it tastes about like you'd expect a D to taste.

Well, here's the next level: E! Sadly, it may not get as much popularity as is deserved, due to it's being saddled with an unfortunate name already belonging to a street drug and even worse, a horrid cable TV channel.

So, if you're looking to design a new programming language, you'll have to hurry, because you only have 21 letters left! And not all of them will be choice. "G" will get taken by GNU. "M" will be copyrighted by Microsoft. "O" will have to be object oriented. In the name of the Lord, no-one would want their language to be named "P", just for the jokes; even the Lispers would make fun of you. "X" is already an operating system and a window system and every other damn thing. And "Z" will be the last letter, so it will have to be the language they finally get right. You probably won't be able to say "I code in Z!" out loud in public without being immediately buried under a squealing, hot, pink, squirming pile of co-ed groupies. Even if you're a woman!

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