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ANSI art: This is fun! Can I play?

Date/Time Permalink: 05/04/06 07:56:57 am
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Penguin Pete Banner


The Brain

Caught up in all the excitement, I have allowed the bug to bite me and gone and done some ANSI art of my own. These are my first attempts, and you can take their quality as either an appreciation of how hard this art form is, or a comment on my skills!

The "Penguin Pete's" banner is how I think I'd have things looking if I ran a BBS instead of a website. So if you want the BBS experience here, you'll have to view it full-size in a terminal running "w3m" and scroll it up very slowly...

The medium puts me in a mood of 80s/90s nostalgia, so I've tried to select a couple topics from that era. Clockwise from the Penguin Pete's banner: my attempt at Wolfenstein, "The Brain" as in "Pinky and", a Linux-pride piece, and Bob Dobbs of Subgenius fame.

Linux makes U smart

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