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Another jab at the bots.

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While we're on the subject of my previous post concerning spammer bots and their defeat this excellent post on Dive Into Mark is quite helpful and informative on the subject.

As a heads-up, I recently became the darling of one 'bothosting-DOT-info', whose IP addy resolves to . This one bot alone was so prolific, that it was actually referring more than Google - by a ratio of four to one! all for bogus references for the typical spam-targetted products and subjects.

While on the subject of captchas,
I ran across this new kind, which I've never seen before. It shows you four pictures and has you pick a word from a pull-down list that best describes all four (i.e., a lightbulb, two onions, and a flashbulb are "bulb"). Thus, it targets an area where humans are decades ahead of computers: sorting things into categories! Long after bots are able to defeat text-based captchas, these will still be standing. It's only weakness that I could see is that it's restricted by language - the same words in one language may be different in another.

Just to flesh out the post: here's how you do a redirect in PHP:

<? PHP
$rmt = "IP.NUM.BER.GOTO"
echo "<meta HTTP-EQUIV=\"REFRESH\" content=\"0; url=http://" . $rmt . "\">";

Replace "IP.NUM.BER.GOTO" with the IP number/website addy you want to redirect traffic to. Useful for regular ordinary purposes, of course. And here's how you find out the accessing computer's IP number from PHP:

<? PHP
echo "Your IP adress is:" . $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"];

Just use it for good and not evil, OK? Signing off...

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