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Announcing the First Wikinovel

Date/Time Permalink: 02/06/07 01:11:08 am
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My, what a strange time the Internet of the 21st century is turning out to be. Here I was pulling an all-nighter already, and deciding to start upgrading my significant other's computer (I've been putting it off beyond all sense), so I log in the command line and tar her home directory to a second drive (which takes hours, since she is determined to save one of every image posted on the Internet) (but she finds all the cool porn for me that way!) and I Alt-FN to another console and start browsing in lynx, starting from my home page (so if anybody I link to checks their server logs and "WTF? Somebody uses lynx?" that was I) and I ended up on Ars Technica, and followed the link to the wold's first WikiNovel.

Yes, it's probably not going to give Stephen King a run for his money any time soon, but on the whole it reads about like you'd expect a publicly-editable, Internet-accessible novel to read. Sheer, foaming, barking, mooing madness in a Napoleon hat. As silly as a stoned clown.

With the same freaky kind of love people have for Ed Wood movies, I'm hoping they don't take it down. It's some kind of historical artifact for future generations. By all means, public mind, edit away! Even better, try to re-edit to get it to all fit together. This could be better than some of the novels out there I've seen. Eventually.

Dare yah to read it all with a straight face. How about out loud? At work?

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EDIT: 1:29 AM Like marking the fall of a sparrow, as soon as I published this entry I went back to look at it and it was gone! Blank! Poof! What I'm trying to tell you, the problem with this novel is that it's blank, it's not pining for the fjords... I guess somebody was out to restore the scorched Earth kind of order.

EDIT: 1:43 AM Oh, it's back again...

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