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And now, some terms from our search-bag...

Date/Time Permalink: 04/13/06 07:02:24 pm
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Hello, True Believers! It's time once again (OK, the first time, but I'll make this a semiregular feature) to pull up a few items from the search-bag, that list of search terms tracked by my b2evolution stats which show some of the phrases which landed people here. What I'm mostly interested in are the "near-misses" - those phrases which show that the searcher came here looking for something that was almost, but not quite, entirely unhere.

"Ubuntu copy-paste from Firefox to Emacs"
I thought Ubuntu didn't even come with Emacs? And since when is somebody who'd like Ubuntu and somebody who'd like Emacs the same person? But anyway: Cutting and pasting between Emacs and other applications is notoriously blocked, because Emacs comes to us from days before windowed programs. How I do that is I run Emacs inside of a terminal, with this command: "emacs -nw" in a desktop terminal such as gnome-terminal or konsole. The terminal program supports mouse-right-click copy, pasting, cutting, and high-lighting, so the same terminal running Emacs lets Emacs benefit from this functionality as well. If you want the short version, you can make an entry in your desktop menu:

gnome-terminal -e "emacs -nw"

And have your own funky 'lil XEmacs emulator, with styling from your favorite terminal profile to boot! Incidentally, I have copied something to the clipboard from another application and using XEmacs, been able to Ctrl-Y and have it paste in there, but I have no idea whether doing the reverse is even possible.

UPDATE EDIT: See the "feedbacks" attached to this post, where reader Faried Nawaz of http://www.hungry.com/~fn/ gets to the bottom of this once and for all.

"ASCII art" + anything
People land here with that because of this. Folks, ASCII-art heaven is at http://www.textfiles.com/art/.

"unable to write files in puppy linux"
Let me guess - you logged out of root? Puppy runs as root by default. root has global read/write permissions. Logging in as user restricts those permissions. Outside of that, I have no idea.

"puppy linux blender"
That's a good one for the wish list, isn't it? You're soooo close on this one: What you need is the Puppy-derived Grafpup, install the grafpup package for Python, and then get the Blender package, which is written in Python. Plus, with Grafpup, you'll have all the other graphics toys that make a nice compliment to Blender.

"plan 9 rio change colors"
I'm still trying to figure this out myself. I promise to load plan9 again sometime and play with it some more. w9wm is a window-manager that's rio-related, maybe playing with that will help.

"phreaking tips and secrets tools needed to phreak"
Here, go to THIS MAN, he's just DYING to educate you! Heh, heh, heh, heh!

PS The idea for scraping the search-bag for blogging material is inspired by Vitamin Q, which is still an incredibly charming and educational read after all these years, and whose author does likewise since his focus is trivia. The coolest memes start at Vitamin Q.

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