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And now, a rumble through the search bag...

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Hello, True Believers! It's time once again to pull up a few items from the search-bag, that list of search terms tracked by my b2evolution stats which show some of the phrases which landed people here. What I'm mostly interested in are the "near-misses" - those phrases which show that the searcher came here looking for something that was almost, but not quite, entirely unhere.

be my penguin Awwwwww, I love you too!

colonel panic general failure This is a reference to one of the taglines used at the top of this blog. I have a whole file of them, a batch of one-liner fortunes which I'm constantly adding to, and they are on permanent shuffle, thanks to a little PHP quickie. Refreshing this blog page will make a new one pop up under the title, but honestly, you're spoiling it for yourself if you do that. They are meant to be randomly displayed, to surprise and delight with their pithy wit and penultimate wisdom.

howto start a weblog Gee, well, for the absolute first-timer, all free blog-publishing sites on the Internet currently suck, but Blogger still manages to suck less. Get a free blog there and tinker with it until you decide if you really are cut out for it. One reason to recommend Blogger is that it's still newbie-friendly, but it's the only site I know where you can customize your blog's template directly through the HTML/CSS. It's kind of a training-wheels site for budding webmasters. When you are advanced enough to feel confined by Blogger, you're ready to rent a cheap host and pop up your favorite blog software; currently Wordpress and Movable Type have the market lead here, but I'm weird so I picked B2Evolution. The upside of B2Evo is that it is very, very hackable. The downside of B2Evo is that it's so flawed out of the box that you will have no option but to hack it. Note that there are some blogs on Blogger that still manage to do quite well, but I have no idea how they stand it.

is anybody still using OS/2? For all practical purposes, the answer would be the Mormon Tabernacle choir singing "Heeelllll NNNOOOOO!" with orchestral accompaniment and clashing symbols. But work as a sysadmin for Big Business, and you'll stumble upon all kinds of Lovecraftian horrors lurking in the IT infrastructure. I had the, uh, pleasure of working with OS/2 Warp (amongst other, even funner, systems!) for five years at one job. Really, not too terrible, but the best thing you could say about it was that it squeaked by as not too terrible.

blessing items nethack Easy! Find a potion of water - if you have no water, just #dip any random potion into any fountain twice, and it will be water. Next, find an altar of your own alignment. Drop the water on the altar and pray. Pick up the (now) holy water and #dip the item you want to bless into the water. Also uncurses items. Will use the potion up - it will be gone afterward just as if you'd quaffed it.

nationality of baba ganoush Baba Ganoush is a middle-Eastern food-stuff similar to hummus, only made with eggplant. A Mediterranean restaurant will serve it with pita bread which you tear up and dip in the baba ganoush as one eats chips and dip. By the way, if the pita bread comes to your table fresh-baked so that it's puffed up like a balloon and slowly deflates at your table to it's traditional flat shape, you're in a really good Mediterranean restaurant and should consider ordering the green tea, which will arrive with leaves still fresh and moist and which will only keep you awake and hyper for about five days or so. Ordering a second helping of green tea here runs the risk of being led away in a straight-jacket, drooling and shrieking with hysterical, shrill laughter, but seems to be a happy way to check out.

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