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And I Thought I Was The Only One Who Got This

Date/Time Permalink: 12/12/09 03:16:48 pm
Category: General

Checked the front page on early this mornin' and saw that it had gotten a drive-by spamming:

spam on delicious

It looks like it was cleaned up now. This same spam and product has been the bane of my own comment box for something like a year now. So much so, that after persistent attempts, I was finally driven to simply have my spam filter trip on the mere three-letter sequence "you gee gee." It was the only way to stop it.

This is a particularly sophisticated spammer. Radically different IP address each time (so a botnet) absolutely immune to CAPTCHAs (so it outsources them or has a really good POTrace) completely unpredictable in every other way.

All this for feminine footwear? Like its that hot a market?

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