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An Open Letter to DC Parris about Tux500

Date/Time Permalink: 05/28/07 11:20:27 am
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Dear DCParris,

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm on my last straw. I'm writing to ask your opinion, not as the editor of LXer, but as a minister, as I understand you are a man of the church.

Now that Tux500 is over, the $18,000 is in *somebody*'s pocket (I never found the person who didn't deny up and down that they could touch one cent of the money, so I guess the tooth fairy is flying away with it...), and nobody's petty enough to demand refund of a measly 18 scoots...

I am completely at a loss to explain this supposed mistake I have made in calling it a scam. At the very least, if people were so urgently trying to convince me that this wasn't a scam, the first step they should take in establishing credibility is to STOP LYING.

When I have "Clay Berlo" post a comment on my site, and I in turn explain to my other readers "a quick Google of 'Clay Berlo' will show him to be one of Tux500's volunteer shills", and Clay Berlo fires back, "Nothing about your Google search suggestion even hints at me being affiliated with Tux500", and then I actually have to go to the trouble of actually posting one of the links I found where he makes the 'if X Linux users donate $1 each...' line - signed with his very name at top and bottom!

WELL???? What if somebody did this to you on your site? What would YOU think about their honesty?

When a helios/Tux500 supporter and anti-Pete-flamer whom I have already blocked because I had a previous run-in with them similar to Clay Berlo then takes a screen shot of my page and posts it, unattributed, on their own site, and I point out (just to let them know, for future reference, without threatening legal action) that that qualifies as copyright infringement. And they wander onto your site forum going "How is that CP infringement?" and it takes several people to explain that yes, dummy, you have to at least attribute the quote to the source you got it from.

What would you think about their integrity?

When that same person at "NixedReport" earlier was spamming with Tux500 propaganda, and then when they tell him to "stop spamming" and this "NixedReport" guy, "Thomas Holbrook II" explains it this way: "The individual erroneously assumed that I was mass mailing people. Problem: I went to each site listed on distrowatch and contacted anybody available on the site whenever an easy point of contact was possible." way of explaining how he wasn't spamming, he only LOOKS like he was spamming.

WELL??? What am I supposed to think about Tux500's ethics???

When your OWN SITE hosts an open, publicly-viewable discussion in which a group plans how they will rig a Digg post about Tux500, then trot off and do just that, then get caught and banned for violating Digg's terms of service, then come back to the same thread on LXer to sit there going "DUH-H-H, we didi'd kno' we wuz 'unt suppos' to do DAT! Must be Penguin Pete!"

WELL??? Let's say if I did that to your site, what would you think of my motives?

I'm so sick of just shoveling link after link up here pointing to one deception by a Tux500 member after another. So besides this, refer to the (10? 15? 29???) other posts I've made exposing the whole mess from start to finish. And I'm also referring to everything on every published web page about Tux500 that I HAVEN'T found YET - you've sat back and collected the money, now YOU Google and find the rest! I could write a published, hardcover book, filled with nothing but paragraphs just like the ones above. It goes on forever and ever and ever and never ends.

I wish I could believe in good people in the FOSS community again. I want to believe that Technology Freedom is based on those same ideas of goodwill, ethics, and integrity which are written into the GNU General Public License. But I see your flock of Tux500 collectors, they say they speak for all of us, they deluge all of us in their lies, and yet I am told by you that I misunderstand when I think that they are dishonest.

OK, I'm all ears. So explain! How did I "misunderstand"?

You, DCParris, are a minister, and you oversaw this project. So I'm asking your spiritual guidance.


...and restore my faith in Free and Open Source software and the people involved with it.

Sincerly and extremely heavy-heartedly,
Penguin Pete

update: Dc parris responded to me in private saying words to the effect that he would refuse to explain anything.

As if it weren't a done deal already, I am pointing out again that the first comment to this post admits that the money did, indeed, go to the marketers. This is concurrent with what common sense would tell anybody, since not only were the driver and car already entered, but they were able to produce a back-up driver, and even had a backup car!

Since the race entry was made with only $18,000, it is obvious that the additional six figure goals from $250,000 to $600,000, plus every other figure pulled out of the air, would have paid for nothing but extra marketing money - going to the marketers. Which makes it pretty obvious that the $18,000 dollars went to the marketers. So we are back where we were when I first mentioned Tux500 a month ago: two bloggers and a marketing firm.

It's pretty obvious that the two bloggers would have gotten a cut for their massive role in the campaign, since there are dozens of other charitable projects related to open source right now which are getting ignored, at best, (and flamed down, at worst) by the same two bloggers.

Case closed, and all the attempts to obfuscate the end point of the money are worthless trolls deliberately lying to mislead people, and are getting treated as such as they would be on any social site, any forum, any discussion board, and every computer-driven communications platform since Usenet!


Your own leader (helios) has admitted his mistake... sort of... and has moved to make amends by putting up a Democratic site to market Linux. He would probably appreciate it if you withdrew from the front lines and fell back for new orders going forward with the new plan.

Richard Querin, please post again so I can continue to delete you. I'm just doing it now because you whine about it.

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