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An HTML Chess Table

Date/Time Permalink: 11/18/07 05:40:00 am
Category: ANSI art

I'm up to my ears in paid work right now (Holiday rush coming soon!), and haven't time to blog, so here's an HTML chess table. The chess table source is here - right now you're just viewing an iframe. View source and copy-paste if you're setting up a chess game for the web.

It's Unicode art, but I have to post it in "ANSI art" because I was too short-sighted to name the category to cover all forms of character-based graphics. Wasn't that thick of me?

NOTE: I get these characters from this Unicode page. If you see question marks, boxes, or anything but chess pieces, go to that link. If you can't see the chess pieces there, either, there's something wrong with either your web browser settings or your font. If you can't see my chess pieces but you can see the pieces at the linked page, *I* have messed up, and I'd appreciate your dropping me a note in the comments to tell me about it.

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