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I don't know what it is about Spring, but the longer daylight hours often find me reading a great stretch at the end of the day. In case you folks out there in Cyberland (I coined it. You heard it here first.) feel similarly inclined, here's an online reading list of digital texts I reckon worthy of touting.

"In the Beginning was the Command Line" - by Neal Stephenson
I don't care what operating system you use or what your skill level is - absolutely everyone who has ever/will ever touch a computer should read this essay. More learning in it than a whole semester of some computer courses I've seen.

"The Art of Unix Programming" - by Eric S. Raymond
If you're interested in programming, you'll find 10,000 books that will bristle with the technical details and function arguments. Not a line of code is to be found here, but this book is a meta-programming manual anyway, and can easily be applied to any system even if you've never touched a Unix. Despite the hype surrounding the Hacker Culture's tribal bard, it still is pretty good anyway.

The Rotten Library
OK, here's reading at it's most tabloidal. Don't believe every nuance of everything you read, but it will entertain your ass off nonetheless. Oh, and my writing style is their fault.

Like I haven't touted it before - but here it is again. Think of it as the Old Testament of the Internet.

Open Sources
Pioneers in the FOSS field hold forth on what makes FOSS FOSSY. Counts as half your grade this semester.

"Free as in Freedom" - Sam Williams
The definitive biography of Richard M Stallman - you can at least get your own facts on the man here before making up your mind about him.

O'Reilly Open Books project
As if O'Reilly weren't reverred amongst the tech elite already, they turn around and release a book for free when they take it out of print. A wide variety of computer-related subjects.

Zen Koans
Just like I said, a collection of Zen Koans. Koans are kind of like small stories such as parables or fables. They aren't always just one-line riddles. By the way, the sound of one hand clapping is "cl" - the other hand makes the "ap".

The Anarchist Library
If anybody here is on their way to mass pandemonium, and they are asked by a future interrogator where they went wrong, they can point back to this link.

The Online Books Page
And here's a good pointer on where to find more!

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