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After Seven Months, the Terry Childs Witchhunt Drags On

Date/Time Permalink: 02/18/09 10:34:51 pm
Category: General

I'm glad to see some follow-up to this story; Slashdot has a new post up about the case of Terry Childs, the so-called "rogue sysadmin" of San Francisco.

And after reading the new information, I still see no reason to change my opinion from seven months ago. In fact, I'm now more convinced than ever that Childs found himself on the dirty end of some office politics, with somebody who had a personal beef against him.

Still no concrete charges to bring against him. Nothing but "what if?" and "maybe?"

I love Childs' closing comment, when Paul Venezia asks him what he would have done differently: "I'd have gotten out before it came to this." Yeah, those of us who were lucky enough to quit cubicle-land before it ate our sanity are nodding our head in agreement.

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