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A Snowman Koan

Date/Time Permalink: 03/15/06 07:15:32 am
Category: Humor

The Snowman Koan

When it snowed, we built a snowman in the front yard. It is very hard
to pile the snow high enough to make a snowman as tall as an adult, so
we made the snowman sitting down. We piled snow up to make knees, and
gave him stick arms and rock eyes and a stick nose. He looked like he
was meditating.

"This is Master Snow.", I declared to the general household, "He will
sit in zazen until he has attained enlightenment."

The next day, my daughter went out to play in the snow. I saw her
working some more in front of Master Snow, but did not see what she
was doing. Later, when I was out shoveling, I looked up from the
sidewalk. What my daughter had done was draw a smiling mouth on Master

He had achieved enlightenment!

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