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A Site-Redesign at Last!

Date/Time Permalink: 09/10/06 10:47:31 am
Category: Site News

I can hardly believe that I finally found the time, but I've redone my entry page! Every time you view it, the color scheme is slightly different. I did this with a linked CSS stylesheet which defines color schemes through classes independently of other box properties, and a PHP function that picks from the schemes at random. But it's all done with soft, pastel, Web 2.0 candy-colors, so the design looks fairly good no matter what combination was picked.

My next step is to use the same style sheet throughout the site, gradually replacing every other design. I'm tired of looking at this patchwork site with a different design to each page. It doesn't feel like one web site; it feels like somebody frantically threw everything together in six months (which, as of today, is how long the site has existed.).

Now for the rest of this site, including (BLEAGHHH!) this blog's skin!

NOTE: While I'm hacking the blog skin, you may see... chaos as I test intermediate steps. Thank you for your patience while we are "under construction"!

Update: As you can see, it's now pretty much in place on the blog. It's much more usable, I think. Barring incompatibilities with browsers I discover, it will stay like this. I've had good results testing it in Firefox both 1.5 and 1.0.7, Mozilla, and Gnome's Epiphany. It sort of behaves in Konqueror, and is still usable in Dillo and w3m.

I named my design "division by zero". Regrettably, I couldn't release it as a b2evo skin since I use an old version (I can't upgrade; I've customized nearly every file that came wth it by now!), and unfortunately b2evo is set up so the style is intertwined with the functionality; you can't just cut a patch.

UPDATE: The verdict from Near perfect rendering in every browser except guess who? Yep, Internet Exploder 6 and 7 wreck it, of course. W3C validates for both the CSS and the XHTML 1.0. I've since whacked it into good enough shape so that IE6 and 7 will at least make the text visible, without wrecking the layout too much.

My apologies to IE users for the hassle, but really, MS may change IE7 a few more times before it's full release, and it's getting to where I'm tired of being stuck in 1995 trying to get a page to look the same in all broswers. The screenshots are right there at the Browser-shots link, IE users; see for yourselves that every other browser but yours knows what to do with a floating div!

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