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A picture to shut up Stumble-Upon

Date/Time Permalink: 08/18/06 11:42:54 pm
Category: Humor

I hate intrusiveness. Never mind why; because I'm a grouchy old sourpuss, OK? It's one of those "I use Free Software partly because it leaves me alone." kind of things.

So the scoop is, I'm moving into my new machine, and start a new Stumble account (because I'm too lazy to remember my old one on the other computer), and I start surfing along, and the Stumble button brought me unbidden to the "we noticed you haven't uploaded a picture yet." nag page. Three damn times in one night. Like I was on Stumble for a freaking date. So I made this picture, and if anybody else wants to, you may use this for your Stumble picture as well. Creative Commons, public domain, yadda yadda, steal it, sell it, say it's yours, I don't care.

shutup stumble

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