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A Penguin in every Porsche

Date/Time Permalink: 05/23/07 08:22:42 am
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The link in the title goes to a story on a new plan to equip every vehicle with an on-board computer system by 2017 - something standardized, in the hopes of lowering driver fatalities and traffic jams. And of course, they're considering Linux for the honor.

This is the kind of thing I point to when I say "Maybe Linux has already won but we can't admit it." Linux, and other Unix-based systems, are the systems that people look to when they want to get important things done. All this fuss about the desktop "Joe User" market, I say, let Microsoft have it. Who cares what's driving a system that's only going to be used for a television and game console?

As for smarter cars, the day can't come soon enough. Driving is one of the chores I think we should abandon to computers, as soon as computers can handle them. A quick glance at driving statistics since the automobile was invented shows that, clearly, humans suck at driving. It's all we can do to remember half a dozen driving rules - and too many of us can not be bothered to stay sober, awake, and paying attention on top of that.

This will be a better world when you can just hop into your car and say, "Take me to work!" and the electronic chauffeur just does it for you.

Update Uh, yeah, Porsche is a brand of car. Title fixed.

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