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A New Year's Task: Submit to the 20 Gigabyte Time Capsule

Date/Time Permalink: 01/02/07 12:10:02 am
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This link goes to the 20-Gigabyte Time Capsule project, in which anybody can submit a file to be included on this drive which will be opened again just twenty years from now.

I figured to get this news out in the Open Source community, with a possible interest in inspiring a random Linux geek to tossing in a tarball of FOSS or two. Be a nice memo to the future, in case our corporatocracy crushes technology freedom... some more.

On the other hand, I'm kind of wondering what they're thinking with that kind of the scale.

20 years? I still have floppies of code I wrote as a teenager from 20 years back. I'm pretty much saving them for the endorphin rush I'll get from the humiliation should they ever be stolen, published, and publicly mocked. And you can bop by Textfiles to discover files from much earlier than 20 years ago. And with how careless Average User is with their data when throwing out an old machine, I'd guess that data pollution will be more of an eventual problem than data loss.

The size probably made you raise an eyebrow. 20 Gigs is a couple of partitions to most of us. I've met MP3 hoarders who sneer at 20 Gigs.

The link also got splattered across Digg's front page, so the whole thing will probably be chock full of goatse porn and Britany Spears tracks and Photoshop animal mutants and the wisdom of Ann Coulter. Thank God *that* stuff is safe and sound! Whew! I was so worried.

Oh, well...

Happy New Year 2007

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