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A Little Linklist Of Linux And Technology Themed Webcomics

Date/Time Permalink: 03/19/12 04:47:42 pm
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It's been about three and a half years of churning out my own humble little webcomic. During that time, I've noticed that "webcomics which focus on Linux / FOSS / computer-geekery" is one heck of a tiny niche! So I thought I'd throw out a list for those others in my narrow slot.

You all probably already know about the big famous examples like XKCD, User-Friendly, and (though it barely squeaks into the "geekery" category) The Oatmeal. But I dug a little deeper to find some underrated webcomics that definitely deserve to be better-known:

Note: Webcomics have the shelf life of a dandelion in a hailstorm, so it's normal to find most of them discontinued. Don't moan; at least there's archives. Maybe with encouragement, some of them will start up again.

My 25 Percent

A very cynical webcomic about a software engineer in the corporate world. Has a distinctive style for caricature art that makes the characters adorable to look at, with broad humor that would appeal to a much wider audience.

EDIT The same author of "My 25 Percent" chimed in to tell us that he has a new webcomic up, C-Section Comics, with all of the neat character art and way better concepts! Still lots of geek humor, such as asking what Internet trolls would do if there were no Internet?

Geek Hero

About an open source developer and Debian user, with minimalist art and short, punchy jokes.

Business Casual

A full-fleshed-out comic about the computing industry, with lots of office humor and general geeks milling about. Been going strong for ten years now. Lots of depth and character development.

Help Desk

There's actually four webcomics here, "Help Desk", "Kernel Panic", "Old Skool Webcomic", and "PC Town". All four of them are surreal universes with humor as delightfully dry as chardonnay. "Help Desk" and "Kernel Panic" are more computer-geek oriented, "Old Skool" is almost its own little joke (at 8 episodes total), and "PC Town" appears to be a noir geek webcomic. Now tell me that isn't blazing new territory.

Bug Bash

A very creative webcomic about the technology industry (popular theme, no?) Chock full of interesting little flights of fancy and satire of office culture. Also, the 'about' page lists several more comics done by the same author... but I was too distracted by the awesome little animated cartoon clip below the webcomic, called "Arctic Circle". Yes, I've been tossing around the idea of branching into animation too...

The Bizarre Cathedral

You've probably heard of this one, since it's hosted at Free Software Magazine's site. It's definitely a gag-a-day type strip with jokes strictly from the pro-GNU point of view. Plus adorable fluffy animal characters.


Ran from 2001 to 2004, like the Velvet Underground of Linux-geek-centric webcomics - Before its time! Has great newspaper-style art. And one of the characters is a robot built from a recycled Vic-20! How old skool is that?

I'm Not Mad

Done by my old peer, Eric's Binary World. It's a geek-humor themed strip which is remarkable for being drawn in Blender! This gives it a unique look; as the strip's evolved over time, it resembles a a bit the 3D animation of the Weird Al Yankovic UHF ilk. Also changed from gag-a-day to continuing story arcs.

Add yours here!

In the comment section below, if anybody has heard of a substantial Linux / programming / tech webcomic that I haven't found yet, don't be shy! Tell us about it and I'll update the list. See, I'm reserving this much space for adding more:

Is that enough space?

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