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A Few Random Minecraft Images

Date/Time Permalink: 04/03/11 02:44:17 pm
Category: Linux Gaming

Bah! I've been sucked into the timesink that is Minecraft again. A few screenies and whatnot I've accumulated:

Minecraft bedroom

Yes, I was trying to make bedrooms with the Painterly texture pack way before the beta series introduced beds.

Minecraft goddamn big slime

Crikey! Slimes are rare enough, but to encounter one this big - stand back, I'm going to try to cuddle it.

Minecraft ancient hidden city of mobs

It took months of slashing through the brush and following legends and rumors and interpreting hieroglyphics, but at last we came upon the Ancient Hidden City of Mobs. Not far from here is the Sacred Zombie Graveyard. If you hunker down quiet-like, you'll get to witness their fertility rite.

Minecraft yarnbarn

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