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10 Signs you've been using Firefox too long...

Date/Time Permalink: 01/08/07 09:27:41 pm
Category: Humor

1. You sit right next to a window but you still just look at your ForecastFox icon to see what it's like outside.

2. You fumble with the TV remote for a minute before remembering that you can't open another channel in a new tab.

3. Everybody else says "Google it" now, but in addition you can also Yahoo it, Wiki it, and eBay it.

4. Your sole measure of a celebrity's popularity is whether they appear on Stumble-Upon.

5. You have to think hard to remember what a pop-up or a banner ad looks like.

6. You think Debian should have backed down on the whole Iceweasel thing.

7. Your distaste for Internet Explorer has branched into an irrational phobia of the letter 'e'.

8. You message your spouse through ChatZilla to find out what's for dinner instead of just going upstairs.

9. A web page without CSS looks naked to you.

10. Your spelling used to be terrible until version 2.0 came out.

Bonus buck: Eehh, you want some more blogs to read, Doc?

UPDATE: 1/9/07 Sorry, Digg users! My server went down under the load. To explain: even if I'm nowhere near my bandwidth limit, if my site's server pegs the CPU higher than 25% at any random time - even for a few minutes - my host closes it. Which happens in an extreme case of the Digg effect when a link rises too high too quickly. I've gotten to the front page of Digg, Reddit, and Del.ico.ous all at the same time before and not had a problem.

I'll take down the referrer block after the Digg link drops down the list... and look into more efficient solutions for next time.

*Sheesh, and I thought I'd post a top-ten one just for fun! Boy, that'll teach me!

NOTE: I only delete commercial spam. And it's astounding how much I've had to throw out of this thread. I replaced the captcha pack just the other day, so I know it isn't bots.

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