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Don't Like Partisan Politics? Then Don't Vote By Party - Just Vote Pro-Science!

Date/Time Permalink: 10/27/12 12:01:22 pm
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While breezing by my newsfeeds this morning I ran across a Bill Maher routine courtesy of PoliticsUSA...

...which, while I don't agree with Maher all the time, I definitely agree with this time. It's true, the majority of Americans must be getting sick of living in the stone age with these few delusional anti-progressives who have monopolized the media and government since any of us were alive. It's about time we gave somebody else a fair hearing.

I know I'm not alone here. In fact, I'm pretty confident that I'm in the majority. Take a look at the Gallup poll for political parties, taken at the beginning of this year:

(Independent 40%, Democrat 31% Republican 27%)

We see Independent 40%, Democrat 31%, and Republican 27%! That's right, the Republicans are in the minority, at just over a quarter of those surveyed!

So why are we letting them speak for the entire damned Earth?

Even beyond that, not all Republicans are cross-burning pitchfork-waving witch-burners. In an NORC General Social Survey in January of 2012, 41.5% of Republicans agree that "Man evolved from other animals", 63.7% agree that "Science does more good than harm", and 32.4% claim to have "No belief in or uncertainty over the existence of God". In fact, we see from that survey that Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are a lot more similar across the board than the TV news pundits would have you believe.

No, it's not just a party issue. There are Democrats out there with opinions we think only Republicans have. Moreover, there really IS such an animal as a "Liberal Democrat Christian" - I guess they're all gagged and blindfolded in the basement of those churches while their bigot brethren run the whole show. Liberal and Democrat Christians, could you at least pretty please speak up for your church once in awhile, instead of letting the snake-handlers do all the talking? There's still a Christian left out there who believes in the Sermon on the Mount over the blood and thunder in Leviticus, isn't there? Blink once for 'yes' and twice for 'no'.

But I know that the vast majority of Americans, religious or not, are tired of bogeymen and hocus-pocus. I see the vast groundswell of support out there for science and social tolerance and civil rights and progress; I see dwindling support for the fundamentalist religious dogma that has held the whole nation back.

I see the President making speeches advocating for STEM education, calling for a more knowledgeable nation - which will stimulate the economy all on its own, and actually be a lasting benefit instead of a quick fix. Keep using that word stemmers and watch - it WILL catch on!

By the by, you may find some judges on your local ballot whom you need to research. An excellent source for that is Judgepedia. And don't forget to research your Senate and House Congresspersons as well, where applicable. Four years has taught us, if nothing else, that it's worthless to elect sensible people and not surround them with others who will support their actions.

If you're pro-science, you're in the majority - all it takes is a little confidence now and you'll have a brighter future for progress ahead of you.

Update And like a calvary riding over the hill, Mother Jones just answered your question "But who are the anti-science candidates?" Here's a list of "The 9 Most Anti-Science Candidates in America". Is that service or what?

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