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Why yes, thank you, I too would like a command line on my phone

Date/Time Permalink: 09/12/12 01:25:27 pm
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Considering I am now going on my seventh year on the web as the pariah, the gadfly, the malcontent, muckraker, polemic, the guy who tells you the uncomfortable truths that nobody wants to hear and will bury you for saying, I loves me some vindication. Readers write to Scott Adams mulling over command-line interfaces for smartphones.

Mind-blowingly, they use examples more suited to the Unix command line while still calling it "DOS", because, derp, AOL!

In other news, this graph of why some people use Linux touched off a heck of a lot of talk on Google+. I repeat: On Google+. Right after I wolfed about G+ being a ghost town with tumbleweeds blowing about, the place is suddenly hopping. Time for me to start complaining that it's too crowded and all these newbs are ruining it.

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