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Advance Notice: I'm going to overhaul the Wallpaper archive in about a week; download 'em while you can!

Date/Time Permalink: 09/09/12 01:07:43 pm
Category: Site News

Title says it all; the wallpaper gallery portion of this site will be radically pruned. As always, it's licensed Creative Commons 2.5, so if you can use them for scraps for something, this is your last chance. I will be putting up new work, also licensed as such, but most of what you see there now is getting thrown out.

After all, I have wallpapers there from the days when 640x480 was the average screen resolution! Most of that gallery is ancient, hoary old drawings from my earliest experiments with 3D ray-tracing. 95% of it is outdated and cheesy. New art going there will focus on a much more modern style of vector art and minimalism, and the lowest resolution for the screen will be 1600x1200. A few pieces there which meet modern tastes will remain, the rest is getting thrown out because, frankly, I can't stand to look at it anymore and I can't believe anybody else can either.

Update: As of 09/20/12, the project is complete. While the new selection is sparse, the important thing is that I can add to it over time. I wasn't for a long while there, because I needed to get rid of the hodge-podge.

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