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Tech and Education Backs Obama; Banks Back Romney

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Tech and Education Backs Obama; Banks Back Romney

Just ran across the stats for campaign financing for the 2012 Presidential race over at the wonderful OpenSecrets.org site, and it looks like it'll make fodder for some juicy gossip about who's on whose side.

Obama's ahead on just about everything as far as financing goes. Note that for Romney's pie graph, 80% of his contributions come from large contributors (i.e. corporations) while only a little over 61% of Obama's contributions come from large contributors. But even at that, Obama's large contributions total more than Romney's.

But the intriguing part from the stemmer point of view is that the five biggest contributors for Obama vs. Romney. Romney has all banking and finance here - Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, BofA, and Credit Suisse Group. Obama's are the two biggest tech companies (Microsoft and Google - odd how often they're strange bedfellows these days, isn't it?) and two universities, UofC and Harvard.

Further down in sector totals, Communications & Electronics backs Obama for $10M while backing Romney $2M.

So, you could safely draw a conclusion that the tech industry thinks Obama has their best interests in mind. Meanwhile, Romney speaks for the bankers - and, it seems, almost nobody else.

I'm calling the race for Obama, by the by. Not based on my preferences, but based on what I'm seeing in the campaign so far. But remember people, pay attention to your Representatives and Senators! The president is only part of the picture. If you don't have a square fix on the races for Congress seats, you have exactly two months left: In the Senate, 33 seats are up for grabs and in the House, all 435 seats will be filled based on what you all vote. And don't forget your state governors, if you have a race going this year.

The president can't do it all himself!

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