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Why You Should Be Careful Outsourcing Your Logo Design

Date/Time Permalink: 03/25/10 04:13:09 pm
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A familiar logo

Hmmm. Found recently at, a clear copied use of Tux, the Linux logo. It brings to mind a number of scenarios:

  • Intentional, because some aspect of their equipment uses Linux embedded somewhere. Possible, but I find no mention of the word "Linux" anywhere on their site.
  • Intentional, but they're aware that the license for Tux is somewhat loose, so they said "Why not?" I'm also kind of doubtful here. There might be a clip-art collection with Tux in it somewhere.
  • Unintentional, because some people are confused as to the origin of Tux. There was that Penguin Army video a while back, for instance, so maybe they were going for an obscure statement about global warming.
  • Unintentional, they hired a freelancer online who ripped Tux, threw in a hat and props, and sold it to them. I consider this the most likely, because I see this happen constantly. HVAC & Refrigeration Experts, Inc. might never have even heard of Linux.

If they get calls about it, they might want their logo redone, or they might just release their own distro!

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