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Game of the Day - Neverball

Date/Time Permalink: 10/23/09 04:08:09 pm
Category: Linux Gaming

Neverball screenshot 1

It's about time I paid attention to Linux gaming, isn't it? My fancy new machine with excellent OpenGL support can finally run games like Neverball smoothly and flawlessly.

Neverball screenshot 2

Neverball, for those of you lagging behind, is a game of skill where you attempt to move a series of platforms and structures in such a way as to move a ball around collecting coins and then over a goal. Obstacles and perils lie in your path - you'll have to navigate catwalks, bumpy roads, bumpers, blockades, ramps, and every crazy path element you can possibly draw in GTKRadiant. Without falling off. This is much, much harder that it looks. Anyone watching you will conclude that you're drunk as a sailor.

Neverball screenshot 3

Some tips I've discovered so far: Screenshots go to your "~/neverball/" directory. Go into the "~/.neverball/neverballrc" file and change the mouse_sense number to a lower number for greater sensitivity - I have mine to 100 for a bog-standard Logitech Trackball. Most of the time you want camera on 'manual,' because when the camera is on chase it will swoop around and change the direction of your ball with it. Most of the rest of the time you'll want the more precise control of using the arrow keys.

Neverball screenshot 4

Even at that, this game is pretty darned challenging even if your reflexes are perfect. Except for the first eight or so of the tutorial levels, the level designs range from merely difficult to maniacally sadistic. I'd kind of like to see some granny levels made, where you could practice on tricks and stunts without worrying about falling out or beating a timer. I'm sure they're out there, I just haven't Sherlocked them yet.

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