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Awwww, Football Geeks You Too!

Date/Time Permalink: 09/16/09 02:20:37 pm
Category: Humor

A woman with a pierced nose and basketball-hoop earrings says 'I geek football'.

Just got back from the library where I was reminded of how irritated I am at the "Geek the Library" ad campaign. It's not just that we have driven the last stake through the heart of any remaining meaning of the word "geek", rather like the media did to the word "hacker" before. It's that whoever did this campaign didn't "geek" parts-of-speech, since "geek" was never an active verb (with the exception of antiquated drug-culture slang meaning roughly 'to snort cocaine'). Ordinarily I'm not such an English nit-picker, but... it's the bloody library!

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