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Maggie's Farm - A Follow-Up

Date/Time Permalink: 09/16/09 10:23:51 am
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It isn't my purpose to go on arguing this point. Like every point I try to make on this blog, eventually you've stated every argument you have and you just have to conclude with, "I guess either you get it, or you don't."

But quite a few readers have responded with dismay when I submitted my letter of resignation from the Fight for Technology Freedom in America. "The troops need you.", they say, or "Don't give up, we're winning!" Things along those lines.

But I'm looking at the big picture. Let's just forget about what operating system people run for a minute. Let's look at some other fronts in the United States.

For instance, Michael Moore is getting discouraged, too. And all he's doing is trying to point out fundamental flaws in US economy, politics, and culture. Flaws that the citizens of every other country tell us and tell us and tell us that we have, and nobody listens. This story at the Huff has Michael Moore saying such things as:

"I've done this for 20 years. I started out by warning people about General Motors, and my whole career has been trying to say the emperor has no clothes here, and we better do something about it. I've been having to sort of knock my head against the wall here for 20 years saying these things... I am tired of feeling like I'm doing this alone."

Sound like anybody we know?

Then there's a new book out which asks, "How do we make science popular again?" The Slashdot story links to a review of the book, Unscientific America, where not much light is shed. The comments on Slashdot are equally hazy - what do we do? I dunno, try this, no try that, wait, make an 'overlords' joke and move on.

The fact stands: science in America is sucking mud. Has been for a long time.

Now, I had a ray of hope when Obama hit office. A lot of us have. He's a smart president, perhaps the smartest ever in my lifetime. But he can't do it all himself. And that's showing now. Jimmy Carter has now said publicly what has been on the tip of our tongues for almost a year now: The opposition to Obama is because he is African-American.

So he can't even deliver a motivational speech to the nation's school kids telling them to read more, study hard, and stay in school. He gets screamed down by the neocon beasts of the field before he can open his mouth. Don't let anybody tell you that the anti-Obama crowd has any other motivation than the color of the president's skin. It is because he is black, black, black, black, black.

We had to fight hell and high water just to get Obama in there, and it's going to be a bloody fight to the death to get him to accomplish the simplest, tiny bit of progress, and once he is gone we will be back to our previous slide to 3rd-world anarchy.

Now, then, where were we? Oh, yes, back in our little computer-geek niche, we were trying to figure out how to get people in the United States to adopt Linux.

In America, where we have people who are still stuck in the Middle Ages fussing about "the darkies", people who quit looking to science a long time ago, people who refuse to acknowledge that they're driving their own economy down the toilet despite the filmed evidence of a host of documentaries.

Does everybody see the big picture? Oh, well, maybe not. I guess either you get it, or you don't.

Other countries have hope, yes indeed. But never having been outside the US and never having been really fluent in any language except English, I really have no place sticking my nose into other countries. As I understand from what I read in the news, other countries are doing great with science, technology, education, and Linux anyway.

Just to be perfectly clear: I'm not going away. I'm just shifting my focus to talking about how much fun I'm having with FOSS, and what kind of nifty stuff I'm doing on it. I'm also widening my focus to take in general geek and Internet culture, just to have something to snark about. It's more about creativity, less about lecturing. All practice, no preaching.

What is Linux, Mr. America?

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