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Site Re-Design Progress: Color Scheme Done

Date/Time Permalink: 07/10/09 08:01:43 pm
Category: Site News

Quick, before my promises of a new look for the site become vapor-ware, let me get the new color palette up:

new site color scheme

What you're seeing is largely how the composite of pages on this site will look - #222222 background, white text, lots of the blues, a hint of the earthen tones. New graphics coming, too, which will also stick to this palette. I'm also not going to go as "box-happy" with the CSS divs.

I've been so delayed on this because after we finished moving, I had to catch up on work. I'm at a point now where I can start paying attention to this project again.

So, your thoughts?

UPDATE: OK, I hear a couple of comments saying dark-background/ light-text sites don't show up well on a mobile screen in daylight. So you're saying that all of the websites that do that in this list have that problem?

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