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10 Signs You Are Ready For Linux

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The title of this post is a search which came into my site, verbatim. (It was a Canadian search through Curios, I searched around the web and didn't encounter any such article. So let's make one!

It's a good way of looking at things for a change. So much ink is devoted to "Linux is ready for the desktop", that we tend to forget to view things from the other angle - what kind of user is right for Linux?

1. You're tired of being bossed around by your computer.
Would you tolerate your car refusing to start until you scanned in your pink slip every time to prove you bought it? Would you put up with parts of your house being walled off because only the architect was allowed access? Would you allow your doctor to withhold information in your medical file from you because it's intellectual property? Then why do you put it with this from a computer you bought and paid for?

2. Your money's tight.
Linux is still free!

3. You're tired of having to buy a new machine every few years.
Linux loves old hardware. Distros which are especially good on old machines include Slackware, Debian, Damn Small Linux, GRML, and Puppy Linux.

4. You're looking to start a home business.
Linux's stability ensures that your most important tool never lets you down.

5. You're sick of worrying about security.
It's quite liberating to no longer have to live in fear of every mouse-click.

6. You want to learn tech skills.
Linux is an educational system. Learning Linux can open the door to learning Unix in general, IT careers, programming and development, and even related tech.

7. You're an autodidact.
Really, this is the most important factor of all. If you cannot handle finding your own answers by searching the web, reading the manual, or checking out a book or two, it's going to be tough. Self-teachers absorb Linux like they absorb everything else. Linux isn't mainstream, so while the smaller share of users are nevertheless helpful, you're still better off making all of the documentation that's already been written count, instead of waiting to have somebody lead you by the hand.

8. You're not that attached to gaming.
Yes, Linux's gaming opportunities are always expanding. but gaming on Linux is still a niche interest. If you're getting burned out with the computer being for nothing but idle entertainment, you might get a new kick out of the intellectual stimulation of learning how to do things with a computer. Maybe you'll write your own games?

9. You have patience.
It takes time to develop skill. It gets really tiresome seeing everybody out there asking "What's the quickest/ easiest way to learn..." The easiest way is to commit yourself to learning and learn. It takes time to learn. This is why a university degree takes years.

10. You're a rebel.
You like to make up your mind to do things your way. you're picky and finicky - you want things to run just so, the way you customize them, not how somebody boxed it for you. Having a bend towards anarchy helps!

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