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Google Similar Image Search Brings Me Weird Hits

Date/Time Permalink: 04/21/09 09:25:28 pm
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Uh, in case you've missed it, Google has released Similar Image Search, a function which allows you to find images similar to the one you're looking at.

And for those of you saying "That's like TinEye!", well, no, since TinEye performs real-time image analysis with an uploaded image and is designed to uncover cases where an image was copied and filtered and reused. Sorta.

The part where my mis-aimed fame comes in? Apparently, one of the favorite ways to test it that most people think of first is to type in "XKCD" - and lo, there in the second result is the parody image I drew for a closing sig on a blog post a year and a half ago. Next thing you know, I'm getting tons of hits.

Oh, well, I think I'm still in the clear, unless Randall Munroe has a copyright on all stick figures or something.

But while everybody's looking for stick-figure comics similar to XKCD, well, I do have a steady webcomic to offer. One that explores the hidden frontier beyond stick-figures! Imagine a universe where people have shapes! Where women have boobs and faces have expressions! Yes, it's all possible with the miracle of modern vector editors...

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