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"Doomed to Obscurity" - New Web Comic Launched

Date/Time Permalink: 01/01/09 12:51:49 pm
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For a New Year's Day surprise, I'm finally launching the webcomic I've always wanted to do. It's called Doomed to Obscurity and if you give it time, it'll grow on you. Strip #1 is up today; subsequent strips will be published every odd-numbered calendar day. That's the rule.

  • Holidays? Yes, holidays too.
  • Does this mean when the month ends on the 31st, you get another strip the next day on the 1st? Yes it does.
  • Friday the 13th too? Yes
  • Leap Day too? Not that it applies this year, but yes.
  • Why such an unusual rule? Because nobody else does it. I like it quirky. And it's a good compromise between easy enough that I don't miss a deadline, and regular enough to keep readers.

As hinted by today's date, this is a New Year's resolution. I will be keeping up the posting schedule all 186 odd-numbered days this year. I already have a buffer of strips drawn in advance, so I'm already ahead. I have a whole cast pre-drawn. I have no excuses.

This is all in Inkscape, and with characters, props, and templates already saved in SVG, reusing parts of drawings becomes trivial. There's still a few details that might change over time, but then that's half the fun of a comic is watching it evolve! I've agonized the most over what graphics platform to use, but Inkscape has consistently given me the best results in what I think a comic should look like, while keeping the characters easy to pose.

I might also add some features to the webcomic's page later, but for now it's up, and that's all I promised to do!

PS My whole inspiration for this is of course to take all of the webcomic and geek tropes, and stand them right on their noses. So expect plenty of irreverence!

UPDATE Thanks to the commenters who pointed out that the images weren't displaying! I fixed the display problem and according to BrowserShots, I've confirmed correct display on every major browser but Safari and Opera 10, both on XP. Even those two might be a case of mis-loading.

Well, that was an interesting launch...

Update 1/23/09: Check here for the new RSS feed.

*AHEM* A Note: When I promise to publish every odd-numbered calendar day, I mean exactly that. Days are 24 hours long. If I don't post until 11:59 PM, that's still the same day. If you want to be sure that a new strip will be there every morning when you check at 3:15 AM, may I suggest checking on even-numbered days? Just an idea...

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