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Yar! 'Tis Me Pirate-Day SearchBag Post!

Date/Time Permalink: 09/19/08 01:00:07 pm
Category: Searchbag

Ahoy there, my mateys! 'Tis the time to plunder baubles of randomness from the searchbag, which be the list o' terms o' searchin' that are charted by me bloggin' software. Here, I be lookin' fer the telltale signs of explorers who docked at my port o' call lookin' fer booty which wasn't stocked here, though the search engines marked the 'X' over my reef. And o' course, speakin' in the dialect o' sea dogs in observance o' th' day.

geek insult - 'Tis not me custom to be postin' salty remarks against landlubbers. However, me matey Rea Maor has collected a catalog o' terms which the elite regularly hurl at the salt o' th' Earth, guaranteed to arm yer cannons aginst the bilge-suckin' rats who plague ye.

is ubuntu bad for linux? - Aaaargh, no, ye stalwart seeker o' wisdom, yer got th' wrong idear. Ubuntu is a beckoning trade route for young salts expectin' to hoist sail for th' exotic ports o' Linux. It just isn't the rum o' choice for experienced old salts o' Linux, if ye ken my meanin'.

sudo code for mowing the lawn - Landlubber pursuits don't interest us buccaneers, and they don't draw the spyglass o' computer captains too often, neither. Ye probably got th' idea from the XKCD comic o' the mate who inspires his lass t' fix 'im some grub, but thar be no equivalent. Try hidin' his bottle o' rum in th' weeds, and when they grow too tall he'll have to trim 'em back to find it!

CAN WE HACK INTO WINDOWS MACHINE WITH LINUX OS - In the first place, ye scallywag, yellin' yer queries to Google don't make it troll the seas at any faster knots. She cares not what case ye phrase yer speech. And in the main point, Linux indeed be a shipshape man-o-war to plunder th' seas with, and Windows be an especially weak schooner prone to sink to Davy Jones' Locker wit' a mere shot across her bow. But if yer reduced to askin' such daft things of Internet oracles, might I suggest that the pirate life not be fer ye? Ye needs able-bodied seamen on yer crew afore ye take to settin' sail. Sure as ye try yer first pillage, ye'll be arrested and hung from a yardarm by th' first light o' dawn!

attractive geek girl scifi convention - Sure 'n' blimey, ye may find a fair bonny lass or two at a meetin' o' fans fer fantastic tales, but by what trickery do ye propose to catch their eye? They'll be in costume so ye can't reckon them from the mates, unless they be obvious lasses and then she'll be stowin' with a sailor already. Ye'll have smoother sailin' scoutin' fer wenches at th' tavern.

ascii banner kevin sucks - Ye be havin' a quarrel with a mate named 'Kevin', eh? Perhaps the captain o' Aye, that port is not favorable to anchor me own galleon, either. Here be an elegant parchment scroll upon which to express yer disfavor with the scurvy dog...

Take note, 'tis not my quarrel, however.

'Til next time, me mateys, keep yer sails filled!

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