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Now Hiring - Astroturfer, apply at Microsoft

Date/Time Permalink: 05/29/08 12:31:02 pm
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Glyn Moody over at ComputerWorld UK made a nice catch today. He points us to a job posting over at Microsoft's "Port 25" site.

Evidently, a "Senior Marketing Manager" has the responsibility of:

  • "assisting in defining and driving core marketing initiatives – most specifically online & offline community-building"
  • "further the dialogue on the value of the Microsoft platform to open source audiences"
  • "be a cornerstone for a global thought leadership website and will be regularly featured in industry press around the world"
  • "act as a visible external evangelist for Microsoft"

Wow! That's all direct quotes from the job description. It is so blatant, I'm beginning to wonder if it's some kind of joke. Particularly the 'evangelist' line.

Kind of like the famous Halloween documents, this posting really tips Microsoft's hand and shows us exactly what they're thinking. After all the smoke and mirrors over the deals with Linux distros Suse, Linspire, Xandross, and Turbo Linux, this shows that those distros were in fact acquired in order to be killed. It's not Linux that Microsoft wants, it's the customers.

It's just something to keep in mind. I'm sure this isn't the only 'evangelist' working for Microsoft, whose shilling is "regularly featured in industry press around the world". That industry press is with us every day, posting in what appear to be plain old regular blogs and news websites. When you read the opinion of a Senior Marketing Manager, you have to remember that it is not an opinion, but a lie they are paid to pretend to believe.

The problem comes up when the Senior Marketing Manager does not disclose that they are employed as such. They don't, you know. They instead pose as your forum pal joeuser325, or a think tank spokesperson releasing the results of their 'independent study', or the anonymous commenter on Slashdot.

But this is nothing new. Microsoft has actually been doing this for years, and it's just as stupid and useless - not to mention annoying - as any of their other tactics against technology freedom. But it's worthwhile just to provide some hard evidence every great long once in a while.

PS My favorite dirt-digger site, Boycott Novel, has many more smoking guns detailing Microsoft's paid asstroturfing work.

Update 8/17/08: They've been caught at it again, this time with Comcast in tow. I am so delighted that more and more people are becoming aware of this.

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