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New Flash Game: Drop-A-Block

Date/Time Permalink: 05/03/08 06:54:03 pm
Category: Flash

I've been hedging around on this one because I wanted to beta-test in the side bar for a couple of days, but now that somebody's mentioned it: yes, I've had a new Flash game in the sidebar of this blog. Wa-a-ay down there on the right.

drop-a-block screen shot

It's called "Drop A Block" and you play it by moving the arrow keys to move the paddle back and forth to collect and position blocks, and down arrow to drop the block into the rack below. Three-or-more of the same color in any direction makes those blocks disappear, and combos are possible. The concept is very similar to the arcade game Klax. There's no sound, saving of high scores, or even a way for the game to recognize when you're stuck. Hitting the little 'reset' button in the top left clears the board and makes the score 0 again.

Want the source code? Here yah go! GPL-licensed, includes graphics and README, and if anybody out there rebuilds this into a fuller game and posts it online, be my guest and drop the link to it in the comments. And to any ActionScript wizards out there who have ideas on how I could have done it better, I await your wisdom!

This is part of a series of little Flash toys I want to do which I'm calling "Blog Squares". The idea is to make small, simple games and toys that fit perfectly in the sidebar of a blog, on a MySpace or FaceBook page, or possibly even in a mobile device such as a cell phone, portable game console, or a Chumby. I'm working on another such project, and I have ideas for dozens more.

I like this little format, because it makes me think small and light. Also, I don't expect to make full-featured games with it, so I'm free to experiment with the concept of what makes a fun toy. Like Drop-A-Block, these would all be good for a few minute's amusement, without trying to be a blockbuster production.

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