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Comment CAPTCHA form no longer excludes text mode and screen readers.

Date/Time Permalink: 03/11/08 10:52:01 pm
Category: Site News

Just a quick note to let everybody know that I added a quirk/feature to the comment form of this blog. If you are unable to view the image, the alt text will tell you a word to type in instead. So now visitors using text-mode browsers and screen readers can offer feedback as well.

Hopefully, the spambots don't get wind of it. But I've been watching sites like Coding Horror use the word "orange" every time and other sites using a math problem for a CAPTCHA for some time, and they haven't seemed to regret the decision.

You would think that simply displaying the text '2 + 7 = ?' would be easily defeated by a script, but then you wouldn't be thinking like a spammer. Spammers are not hackers; they buy programs off the web sold to them by other spammers, all of them ripping each other off as much as they rip off the end target user. They learn one new trick every ten years or so.

At least, that's my theory...

Update: Note to anybody interested: Check out this method.

UPDATE: Well, the spam's back! Lately it's one or two-word comments along with links to porn sites, many scattered across posts more than a year old, like ten in a row hit in a minute. I'll have to see if one of those math ones work.

Dammit, there should be a way to keep the site from getting overrun why still running things so they're fair to everybody!

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