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Son of the Rock-n-Roll DOSBox Freak Show

Date/Time Permalink: 02/08/08 04:38:29 pm
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Well, here it is, Friday afternoon with no upcoming StupidSuperbowl or StupidSuper Tuesday to distract us... an even better time to plug in DOSBox and wallow in DOSBox retro-gaming coolness! So here's some more random roadside attractions on the way to DOS gaming Valhala:

Monty Python's Flying Circus


Sure, you're like any geek; you hear about this and go, "There's a Monty Python game??? I must play it!" Yes, and I feel guilty about posting the screenshot. It really does look like a playable version of Terry Gilliam's animations. And it plays very nicely (well, for a Monty Python fan looking for a fix anyway) except for one. small. detail. You can't tell from the screenshot. It plays the TV show theme. In PC speaker-beeps. "DEE-doop doo-doo-doo-doo-DEEP DE-DOOP de-Doop de-Doop de DEEE..." Over and over and over. In a continuous loop you can't shut off. I tried playing as far as I could, getting to about the fourth screen before I was screaming "GAAAHHHH! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!" You could replace waterboarding with this. Get it here, masochists.

Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch


In another moment of rampant fanboy fever, I tried this. We've been waiting for a Ringworld movie for so long now, it feels like it's in a race with Duke Nukem Forever. I am such a raving Niventard that after this much time, nothing less would satisfy me than to have Peter Jackson do the trilogy with the same budget he had for Lord of the Rings. But on to the game any way; it's a ho-hum adventure game with not much to distinguish it. Ringworld fans will be immediately familiar with the concepts - non-fans will probably be lost. Story-wise, it fits kind of in between the first and second Ringworld novels, with more of an interactive-fiction feel to it than an adventure game. I'd give it a one-word review: mediocre. Get it here.

Scrabble Deluxe


No kidding, a Scrabble computer game where you can play against the machine. Word game fanatics will love it in spite of its faults, but the rest of you should know: it shows you the opponent's letter rack at all times, spoiling one of the tactical aspects of the game. And another thing, its dictionary is one of those weird Scrabble ones that has words like "qua" and "ai" and "naoi" that nobody uses, and it isn't a plain text file like /usr/share/dict/words so editing it (or even updating it) becomes difficult. But what the foo, its free as in beer, and it's still good, challenging fun for all ages. Get it here.

Ford Simulator


When the marketing department designs software, this is what you get. A showcase of the Ford models available for the given year (1992 in this case), a way to look at them in different colors, and a "driving simulator". Contrary to the rave review over at Underdogs, I didn't think the simulator was all that great - it's primitive even compared to Pole Position. But I suppose this gave the software crew at Ford something to do during downtime. It is useful if you want to generate a quick car model in a specific color for later Gimping... Get it here.

Primal Rage

Primal rage

Of all the fighting game ever made, it was Primal Rage that caught my attention. Dude, fighting dinosaurs! I mean, D00D!!!11 This actually worked quite well, although I discovered that you must install it to the same directory as the installer itself. Also, it has a minor bug where returning from pause (Ctrl-Pause in DOSBox) makes it loop with an error, but using its own pause (spacebar) doesn't. I also discovered that you have to play it by starting INSTALL.EXE every time, and just skip to play; PRAGE.EXE exits with an error when called alone. And you're going to have to re-discover all the special move-combo key sequences again, as there are a dozen conflicting lists I've found on the web and only half of the key combos as given seem to work. It's just about close to as good as the arcade version. Get it here.

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