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What comes next after Web 2.0?

Date/Time Permalink: 11/21/07 11:09:18 am
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Snap2Objects has a thoughtful post up on the future of web design.

I've had some interest in the trend, particularly when it will be over. Snap2Objects defines the early 1990's web as its "Dark Ages", and I have defined the current trend as the Disco era of the web. As you might guess from my own site style, I kind of go along with it but poke ironic fun at it at the same time, so I was going for a "post-Web 2.0" style.

But the examples he cites, which he calls "retro-vintage" with perhaps a dash of grunge, will remind any CSS fan of CSS Zen Garden, which has been hosting styles like this for years. Yes, this movement has been bubbling away under the surface for quite some time. I'm all set to go retro-vintage whenever the rest of the Web is ready for it, and I was grunge when grunge wasn't in yet.

Design trends will eventually change. When will that be? As opposed to the technology that controls it, web design changes at the pace of a glacier, since it's still largely controlled by bosses in suits and sock garters smoking stogies and playing golf. Speaking of which, I have a client I have to go back to work for.

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