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Linus Torvalds Debunks Con Kolivas's Stupidity; anti-Linux Trolls Everywhere Heartbroken

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Sometimes, I wonder why we bother to go on. All of the science, reason, and logic since the time of Pythagoras is won an inch at a time in a bloody struggle, century after century. And all it takes is for one fatheaded fool to shoot off his goober and everybody is only too ready to throw away their civilization and go back to being dung-flinging monkeys in caves.

Were we a species worthy of continuation, superstition would be this shakable.

Previously, troll programmer Con Kolivas, in a move which resembles a staged drama, stormed off of the Linux project declaring it to be the scourge of civilization after his patch was denied inclusion. He was suddenly in 50 places at once, telling anybody who would listen a bunch of made-up bullshit about his supposed experience. Torvalds has now released a corrective statement to this event, pointing out such illuminating truths as "The whole argument about how kernel developers think that the desktop isn't important is totally made-up crap."

Because - duh - developers, it turns out in a shocking revelation which is destined to stun the IT community for centuries to come, actually use the desktop themselves!!! Yes, it turns out they do not interface with the computer through a dousing rod and read out the data with a crystal ball. As unintuitive as this thought may seem.

Not that it will do any good for Torvalds or me to point this out. Instead, Torvalds' sound logic will go unread and unremarked, but the next troll to climb the podium and harangue Linux for being Communistic, or causing AIDS, or being a tool of "dah terrists", will have instant Universal attention and be front-page news in every social site on the English-speaking web simultaneously.

Who cares about the truth? A new piece of FUD is born! Even some allegedly pro-FOSS/Linux sites took the cue and started echoing it to each other. Bet me a Franklin that Kolivas' crap isn't being re-posted to the web 20 years from now, no matter what Linus Torvalds says today.

Here's the ad-riddled, browser-slowing, seizure-inducing link.

You know what? Screw these Internet idiots. They don't deserve Linux; is it too late to just take Linux back?


EDIT: Before anybody else mentions it, yes, I'm a teeny bit irked. Jeepers, did it show? Here, maybe this dumb little graphic I drew today will lighten the mood and remind me to take a break:


UPDATE: 9/24/07 Nearly two months later, and we are still seeing hordes of anti-Linux """""news""""" sites using this story of the Kolivas debacle as grist to spew enough FUD to fill the Astrodome. Was I wrong? No, I think Kolivas was paid. Yes, PAID, I said. Dozens of programmers have failed to have a love connection with Linux development in the past, but managed to calmly go on with their lives without slandering Linux to death on the way out the door. What Kolivas did was beyond uncalled-for: nasty, backstabbing, vindictive, and - taking Linus' word for it - "completely made up crap".

What better opportunity could the anti-Linux coalition ask for? They can now point and say, "See, free developers making software really IS too unstable to trust your business to! And it's a rotten project - one of their own developers said so!"

Kolivas was PAID to turn coat. The whole thing was STAGED. I'd bet my fur on it.

But go ahead, try it yourself. Storm away from your next software project in a snit and see if 100 reporters suddenly materialize out of nowhere to record your spewed bile.

By the way, I wonder who'd hire a guy like that in the software industry? The habit of bad-mouthing your previous project to the Heavens doesn't exactly put a gold star on your resume.

Update 3/19/10 Over two years later, the Con artist is back to developing for Linux again. How's that for a plot twist?

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