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Google Cans Ad-heavy Content-free Sites

Date/Time Permalink: 05/23/07 07:46:18 pm
Category: LINKS and Lists

If you were surprised to hear about Google banning ads for essay-writing services yesterday, you'll be floored to hear what else it's doing:

According to the New York Post article linked from the title, "Google is trying to clean up its search results by cracking down on dubious Web sites that contain little content but lots of ads."

...and there was much rejoicing: (yeeaaahh!)

Yes, we've all snarled in irritation when a search link led us to a page full of nothing but ads, or worse yet some bogus "search engine" that will pick up any term queried for and mirror the text on the page. Google has traditionally black-listed sites like these, but this is a more assertive step.

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